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Competition: Representing Generic drugs in the NHS

Prize for best advertisement for generic prednisolone.

Industry promote expensive drugs with glossy adverts and this serves to skew our prescribing towards expensive drugs when
cheaper alternatives are available and might even be better. An example of one that you would normally never see is on the right.

Do you want to try your hand at making an advertisement for a generic drug such as prednisolone?

It will require a bit of literature review and using your artistic talents, and the best one will win 100 in a travel grant towards
attending one of the meetings on the impce.com site.

The advertisement on the right was produced simply on Excel (for the graphs) and integrated into
a powerpoint slide, which was used to add the text.

You can submit your entry as any readable file, including .ppt, .jpg, .pdf or a word document. Please submit your entry electronically by e-mailing it to: hammersmithabstracts@hotmail.co.uk :

Adverts will be accepted until 23.59 on July 31st 2018.

Prednisolone vs Hydrocortisone study documents below

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