Conducting a clinical examination

Prof. Karim Meeran

These web pages demonstrate, through description and videoclips, how you might examine patients. Please note that these methods are given only as examples of how such examination can be conducted.

Reading the text, and watching and listening to the videos, is not enough. You need to practise all of this on real patients. This is best done by getting another student to observe you while you carry out one of these examinations, and for that student to tell you what you forgot to do. Getting good at clinical examination requires a lot of practice.

Clinical Examinations after year 2 and before year 3

How to present a patient on a ward round

Clinical examinations   

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Post-graduate standard description of clinical examinations - highly detailed.

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Year 3 clinical skills

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Year 6 SJT markscheme

Year 6 SJT question from a student

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Type 1 diabetes
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