Virtual Consultation? An innovative way of Diabetes Education.

SA.Qureshi, R.Kaushal.     West Middlesex Hospital.



In England the prevalence of diabetes was 3 million in 2011 which is predicted to increase to 4.6 million in 2030. The development of diabetes is preceded by impaired glucose regulation and metabolic abnormalities. The risk of development of complications secondary to diabetes is significantly enhanced due to lack of self awareness. The National diabetes audit in 2012 highlights an important issue that 17% of type 1diabetes patients have high risk glucose control.


Clinical teams are constantly looking to improve diabetes care in certain group of patients. Safe hospital discharge is not effectively achieved in all the hospital situations due to multiple limiting factors in patients with new diagnosis of diabetes. One of the major limiting factors is the lack of appropriate diabetes education. It has to be balanced against the pressures of an early safe discharge while these patients wait for a diabetes specialist nurse consultation on the wards.


We have produced an online diabetes education video with collaboration of Diabetes Team, Dietician, Hounslow Voluntary group, Communications team and Leadership team for West Middlesex University Hospital inpatients and outpatients.




Alternative Diabetes Education Pathway for newly diagnosed diabetes patients      

Staff Satisfaction Survey Results


A staff satisfaction survey of 15 staff members was conducted at West Middlesex University Hospital via survey monkey website. The collected responses showed the following results


1.    Only 33.3 % patients were asked for appropriate diabetes education after the new diagnosis of diabetes by the clinical staff.

2.    All members felt that an available resource during 5 pm-9 am and weekend would be a useful for discharge of newly diagnosed diabetes patients.

3.    All staff members felt that they would be more satisfied to achieve a safe discharge with use of the current diabetes education video.



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